Municipal Projects

Municipal and public work projects are subject to close scrutiny to ensure they remain within budget and are delivered within schedule. IBC is cognizant of this, and maintains an open book on their projects, allowing the Owner to readily and easily compare and review costs to verify that monies are being spent conscientiously. We will utilize the design assist approach to deliver a facility that fits the municipality's cost and schedule, while continuing to enhance the town or city's identity with their residents and the overall community.

IBC's Project Manager will guide and educate you through the process. We will walk you through each phase of your project so you can visualize your space as it comes together. You can walk through the space to see the location of walls before drywall is up, and again to verify power and switch locations before conduit is run, allowing adjustments that have no cost or schedule impact.

It was such a pleasant experience to work with IBC. Everything was very professional and the work was completed in a very non-intrusive way. Most of the time we were not even aware that construction was going on. Thanks to IBC and thier efficiency and cooperative nature, this has been the most pleasant construction experience I have had.

Alanna Stelzer, Thunderbird Internal Medicine