Retail Projects

Retail is a fast-paced industry that quickly evolves and changes. IBC's goal is to make sure you are open and serving customers quickly. We utilize the design assist approach to help aid in the selection of finishes based on cost, schedule, life-cycle and usage to create an exciting and fun environment for your customers and employees.

IBC's Project Manager will guide and educate you through the process. We will walk you through each phase of your project so you can visualize your space as it comes together. You can walk through the space to see the location of walls before they are framed, and again to verify power and switch locations before conduit is run, allowing adjustments that have no cost or schedule impact.

Integrity is truly a firm that lives up to its name, and we are so confident in their abilities that we would recommend them for any project, but especially those projects within the sensitive, healthcare environment. In other words, Integrity just “gets it!”

Pat Crowe, Senior Project Manager HonorHealth (formerly John C. Lincoln)